Due to having been in Butlins all week and still not at home until later today I knew I would not have time to choose the top 10 blog posts of the week. I asked the wonderful @Mummyvswork if she would do me the honour of choosing her top 10. This has been really good because it means I have actually added some more blogs to my reader.


Here are the 10 posts of the week 🙂

This is just so true

About a family coping with ADHD and why they choose to medicate their son

Makes you think about your own blog Photo’s

Good old c-section v natural debate!

Just puts life into perspective

No words to describe how open and honest this post is

A lovely idea well executed

A open PND post

Made me think about my music choice!

Just reminded me of Kayleigh

Wow this was hard to do! So many blogs out there but it was a struggle to find actual posts (not reviews or sponsored events!) Has made me realise i want to be more blogger than reviewer if that makes sense ?

Kind regards
Paula @mummyvswork

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