Hi there, I’m Jo, 33, mummy to 3 gorgeous girls aged 19mths, 4 and 7.

I’ve always been very lucky when it comes to my weight, never ever had to go on a diet before, pretty much ate what I wanted which included a lot of chocolate and always hovered around the 9 1/2 stone mark which at 5ft 7in made me a very comfortable 10-12 dress size.

However, since having my 3rd baby I’ve really been struggling. I stopped breastfeeding her a couple of months ago and was gleefully saying to people, ‘that extra stone that I’ve been holding onto in case there’s a FAMINE will just drop off now’! – Well imagine the shock and horror when it didn’t at all and I realised it wasn’t a stone I was still carrying around but a whole 2 of them!

The final straw (s)were going shopping for my new very girly and very non breastfeeding bra. I was waiting to get measured in front of those lovely all around mirrors in a very non flattering pair of leggings with my very deflated stomach oozing over the top. I could have cried I mean, i know those kind of changing rooms aren’t the best, but it was awful. – I didn’t recognise myself. Then I was measured; I was always around a 32 A (a B if I was feeling like stretching it a bit) and wait for it – I measured a very definite, huge, 36 C.

One of my friends has been doing the Weight Watchers Pro Points Diet for the last 6 months, I have been eagerly watching her extra weight (she’s a mummy of 3 as well) literally dropping off her, so I plucked up the courage and decided to go along to one of the meetings. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I was also worried as I do like wine: a lot ooo and bread is my staple food when I’m shattered and trying to just keep going, not to mention the slightly more than occasional Mars Bar on the way home from the morning school run.

First came the weigh in I gingerly stepped on the scales , hmmm even heavier than I thought, but the leader was ever so nice and asked me what weight I would like to aim for, gave me a starter pack and told me that she’d explain everything at the end of the meeting.

The Meeting 😉 I was imagining it to be very ‘Fat Fighters’ like in Little Britain, being told to eat ‘Dust’ and such like. I was pleasantly surprised as it was very friendly with lots of input from the group with handy hints and tips , I’m also pleased to say that there was no ‘ My name is Jo and blah blah blah…’ I hate speaking to a group of people I don’t know.

The Pro Points diet is based on a system where every food has a certain number of points allocated to it. Fruit and most veg have 0 points as does salad, an egg has 3 points, etc etc, so you can eat whatever you want as long as you keep track of it and don’t exceed the allowances. I was given the daily points allowance of 29, with an extra 49 little beauties to spread over the week! (wine points)

I felt really motivated as I left the meeting and armed with my little book ‘Shop’ that pretty much gives you the points values of everything branded that you can buy in the supermarkets. The starter pack that I was given included some handy tracking leaflets and a pocket guide with basic points values of things…’chicken breast, bowl of cereal, banana, Mars Bar etc…… and also a weekly booklet with recipes some of which looked really yummy! Hurrah!

I opted to pay for a monthly pass instead of paying for each meeting, it works out cheaper and you get to use the E –Source tools on the weightwatchers website. There’s loads of info on this including literally hundreds of recipes and helpful tips, as well as trackers and a really fantastic recipe builder that works out the points of the ingredients’ of a recipe that you create yourself.

And so it began…. I have to say that I really cut back on bread, which I did really miss for the first few days, but I have been eating such nicer things. Warm salads, lots of fish (very low in points) soups, cous cous with oven roasted veg and loads and loads of fruit! I’m feeling very worthy now I’m hitting my 5 a day for sure! I even managed to have 2 glasses of wine most nights and still kept within my points allowance! A whole week passed with me really making an effort to write down and track every single thing that passed my lips, it didn’t even feel like a diet if I’m honest!

The moment of truth came at the next meeting, I was so nervous I woke up at 6:30, even though the children were all still sound asleep, anyway I weighed in at 4 whole pounds lighter!!!! Yes really, 4 whole pounds and I have to say, my tummy is a lot less bloated already! I know that quite often the first week of any diet normally results in the most weight loss, but I was astounded.

Long may it continue, wish me luck 😉

You can find Jo on twitter @joeyegg22 she has never blogged before but I think she is a natural. Keep it up Jo and well done, 4lbs is an amazing loss (by the way Hovis bread is less points than most so if you really miss it try that).