Saturday morning I woke up to a lovely cuppa coffee, toast and the newspaper.

Now, I normally read the news online! I try my best to avoid it first thing in the morning! Why? Because it tends to put me in an undesirable mood ( Like PMT at the wrong time of the month)

But for some bazaar reason I decided, “Why not, lets do it!”
Well, guys, here’s why!

The Sun newspaper reports that toddlers & children as young as 16 months (YES, that’s 16 Months old) are being spray tanned at home by they’re loving mothers or in some cases even saloons. Others are padded out with fake boobs and enhanced bottom, while having their tender beautiful skin caked in, “Chemical rich makeup.” We’ve seen and heard about it all before, but this time, these sad mental mothers are taking their pass-time to an all time new low! It seems that those Moms in the States that think it’s the norm to tart up their little princess when practically still in nappies are not alone! Mother’s across the UK think it’s harmless two.

There’s been a lot of this madness hitting the UK media these past few years, it just seems that 2011 has showcased some of the worst cases, as we witness the situation getting more extreme by the day.

The media has brought us shows, like, “Little Miss UK” while others have highlighted the outrageous Children’s clothing collections, to have hit the market!

Come on mum’s do you really think it’s acceptable, Normal even, to let your pre-schoolers and young children wear knickers that read, “I’m a naughty Devil” or “private property?”
For those that said yes! I Pity you, however it’s your children I pity more!

As a mother of three, two boys and a girl, I would never even think about buying such awful products for my children (let alone allow them to wear this unsightly pedo attracting rubbish)!

Yes, you may thing that sounds harsh, yet, is it really? Just look at the high number of horrific crimes against children, this year alone!

My daughter is 8 years old. I used to call her my little Princess, (of course she still is and always will be) however these past few months she’s fast becoming, “Mummy’s Little Diva” I guess she’s just growing up! Now I wont lie! She is quite interested in the contents of my makeup bag (Yes, a little too interested for my liking). She has been known to sit at my dressing table, in-front of the mirror, caking her face like a clown. For me this is little girls, growing up and becoming curious! Would I let her cake her face like this only to take her out shopping? Hell No! Worse still would I apply the makeup for her? Again… NO WAY!
Yes, I have seen her push a cushion up her top as to resemble a waddling pregnant mummy to be! She even asked me once, if she could borrow a bra, “Excuse me child while mummy scrapes her jar off the floor, but a WHAT?”

That’s the scary thing for me, my princess is growing up fast and Me, her mother, doesn’t like it one little bit!
If I could keep her young and innocent for ever, I would do it in a heartbeat! Sadly I don’t have that option, So… I want to enjoy her being my little girl, just like I want to enjoy my boys being just that, BOYS!

Yes, it’s not all about the little girl you know! Mothers with sons are drastically jumping in on the action too, by converting little men into big men! Seriously, a few months back I see an article where a 7 year old boy was reported to be wearing a T-shirt with the caption, “I love pussies” Ok, fair does, it had a picture of a kitten blurred across the front, yet what parent has brought it to resemble a true kitty? My guess, not many! More likely a twisted one, or that of a thick one!

The image on the front page of the sun newspaper and that of the ‘Star’ was one that filled me with horror!
This was a child reported to be aged just 4 years Yet, here she was skin bright orange, lips overly plump and pink, easily mistaken for a child in her early teens. Yet, as-if the whole tango skin & trout pout look wasn’t enough for the youngster to contend with, she was also padded out with a set of fake boobs and an enhanced bottom . No, No, No… This clearly isn’t a good look for a pre-schooler!

So… Why in gods name would her mother, the woman who gave her life, inflict such a thing on her beautiful baby faced, pretty 4 year old tot? It turns my stomach, yet draws a tear to my eye, to report that her mother thinks It’s much sexier and will help her daughter gain victory at a children’s beauty pageant, taking place in the States where this Wacky mummy lives. OK, this isn’t a UK mother but a mother all the same! This is a mother who outrageously claimed, “When her daughter wears the fake boobs and butt, it’s just like extra bonus!

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry? “Lady, listen to yourself, she isn’t a barbie doll, in need of a Ken, she’s a baby, your baby! Fix up, do your own makeup!

Over on home ground, a 37 year old mother and Beautician has admitted to spray tanning her 4 year old daughter, alongside her two siblings aged 6 & 10.
This mental mum, claims, “It helps to boost Little xxxxxx confidence.”

Again, are you raving loopy! Why wouldn’t a 4 year little girl have any confidence, surely this is something that is required to grow with your child? Even if she was 21 , fake boobs and a fat arse isn’t gonna make her walk around head held high. If anything she will be to traumatised from her very orange childhood. Stop being so shallow mummy, leave that spray gun at work where it belongs!

Personally readers, I think these mothers, maybe even fathers, are nothing other than a group of raving nut jobs, with low self confidence, looking for something to fill that big, old hole. I’m stating an opinion here, and in all due respect, I consider these mothers to be inflicting a type of “Abuse” on the child by dressing them up like mini women!

You see, we do not live in a, “Perfect world” there are some sick and twisted human-beings that walk the earth. Sadly they have desires that no adult should EVER…. have! For this reason alone, you will never find my daughter done up like a tart and paraded all over the media for the world to see!
For me, this is a way that those sick beast in our society can get their kicks fear free!

As a mother and human bloody being, I say Sexualising children is wrong. Those that indulge in such disturbing hobbies are beyond sick. The wacky parents dressing their beautiful children like some kind of Barbie doll, need locking up!

Oh, & those that run these so called “Beauty contest” can join them!

Claire Louise
Blog at A Boy with Aspergers