As a mum that one words symbolises a lot. Its amazing how one little thing that we have always taken for granted can soon become one of the most important and most valued things in our lifes.

Without SLEEP the children are grumpy.

Without SLEEP mummy is grumpy.

With SLEEP the children are happy.

With SLEEP mummy is happy.

How much sleep is really needed to make mummy happy? Alison (nearly 2) is a good sleeper, she always has been. I might get up with her once in a fortnight and even then its usually a case of rearranging her duvet or giving her cuddly cow (her comforter) or if she really won’t settle a little bit of milk. Elizabeth (3) however has always been a bad sleeper, if I had two whole nights a week without her waking up it was a miracle. Recently we implemented a new chart (she has had a lot) this one was from supernanny (heres the link) it is a nice pirate one. We cut out the pirate and put a bit of blutack on the back and everytime she sleeps all night he moves up the chart. I also downloaded a fairy one for Alison and this I believe is what made it work. You see because Alison sleeps her fairy got moved nearly every morning. We explained to Elizabeth why she couldnt move hers and she watched as Alison got a high five and she realised that she was missing out.

This has been a miracle, it has now been 7 nights that Elizabeth has slept all night, yes you read that right 7 WHOLE NIGHTS OF SLEEP. So how am I feeling? Well actually still pretty tired, obviously it takes longer than 7 nights to catch up on over 3 years of sleep deprivation but there is light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully we will get there soon.

How long has it been since you had some real SLEEP?