This weeks top 10 posts was difficult in fact almost impossible but here goes.

This was hard to choose, I like all of Jacks Dads posts but this one made be giggle a lot. Make sure you read his other ones though.

For reminding me about all the times I have forgotten, as my children get older

For bringing us What? Wednesday and little photos from little fingers such a great ideas

Again this is hard as I love two of the posts from this week because I say “Huh?” and “Eww!” a lot

For making me broody

For perspective

For making me laugh

Because I love this picture

Letting me know I am not the only one

For supporting others when going through so much yourself

Special thanks to all these bloggers for sharing their lives with me


And also thank you to all the other blogs I read, keep posting, keep me entertained and next week it could be you .