So two children no nappies.

Elizabeth (3) has had at least one accident everyday this week whilst at school
Alison (23mths) has had two whole days with no accidents

Does this make sense? Elizabeth has been toilet trained for nearly 10 months, Alison has been toilet training for all of 20 days.

No I didnt think so. Not sure what is going wrong with Elizabeth or how to correct it and also not sure why things are going so well with Alison. However we will keep going knowing it will be a long time before we can honestly say that both of our children will no longer have any accidents.

What I do want to know though is at what age would you toilet train a child during the night? Both of my children take milk to bed it is my saviour and makes bedtime easy, therefore they both wear nappies at night time and they are both wet in the morning. I know mine are not ready yet but need to plan ahead.