There has been a lot of things that I have learnt over the course of being a mum. However one thing that I battle everyday is being a mum on a diet.

As a mum we eat a lot of things we dont really want to eat, that half eaten chocolate bar, the soggy crisp your toddler feeds you and even the left overs from a mcdonalds happy meal.

As a mum on a diet I found the easiest way to get round this was to explain to my toddlers that I was not allowed to eat these things but how to get them to understand? Both of my children watch peppa pig and seen as Elizabeth had already told me I had a big fat tummy like daddy pig I had a brainwave. I informed my toddlers that because mummy has a big fat tummy like daddy pig she was not allowed to eat chocolate or biscuits or crisps or burgers or chips. Sounds like a plan right? and it did work. However the downside is that whenever I feel like having any of the above I get told off, by my 3 year old.

I have to say that it is working, in 8 short weeks I have lost 1 stone 8 lbs, this equates to 10% of my starting body weight. I still have a long way to go (infact another 15%) but it has shown me that I can do it. Yes I could think of lots of excuses not to lose weight and I have used them all before but why give up when I am happy on this diet and happy to be losing all this weight I have carried around with me for so long.

When looking through some old photos I found a picture of me as a teenager and I was so skinny, I dont remember ever being that skinny, all through my teenage years I was convinced that I was fat even then.

So why am I now a size 18/20? I developed an underactive thyroid when I was 18 this made me go to a size 16. I went on Weight Watchers and became a size 14. I became pregnant with Elizabeth and put on nearly 3 stone. I went on Slimming world and lost 1 stone 6 lbs. I became pregnant with Alison and continued to go to slimming world. During my pregnancy I only put on 9lbs (Alison weighed 7lbs) and after birth lost 12lbs. Since then life and having children caught up with me, we ate what was convenient and not always what was healthy. My children love fruit and vegetables but I didnt really eat them as well.

I made lots of excuses about lack of time to attend meetings and then someone recommended I use Weight Watchers online. It took me a few days to work out how to use it but the fact I signed up for 3 months gave me the goal I needed. I wanted to lose 2 stone by the time my three month subscription was over.

I have 6lbs to go and 5 more weeks to go before that subscription ends I have already set myself further goals. I will be at my goal weight of 11 stone by christmas. I may need support along the way but I know my children will grow up with a happier and healthier mum.

Mission Impossible to diet whilst being a mum, not anymore.