It is Alison’s 2nd Birthday in just under two weeks and I thought I would ask you what you do for birthday parties for your children.

I never had proper birthday parties as a child, my birthday always fell in the easter school holidays and being one of four my mum could not really afford big parties. Our immediate family would get together but not friends from school. I like giving my kids the things I missed out on so I make sure they have a party every year.

For Elizabeths birthday in June we had a BBQ and some animals from it was really good fun and the weather was gorgeous.

For Alisons party I have planned that the animals are to return. I have also decided it will be a themed party and the girls chose princess and pirates. With the help of dream box parties we have all the decor and party bags sorted. I know it will be amazing. One of the things I like most about this is that if you order a party bag for a child who does not arrive they will take it back and refund you for it. This is really good for all those children whose parents dont follow party etiquette.

I get really annoyed at some parents when organising parties as they seem to find it impossible to follow the most simple party etiquette. My idea of these are listed below.

1) When someone gives you an invite with an RSVP on the bottom you should respond, this allows the parents to work out numbers and ensure there is enough party bags. If you say you are going to come unless you phone to apologise make sure you turn up. When Elizabeth turned 3 in June we had over 50 people inform us they were attending, lots of party bags and bbq food later and only 20 people showed up. There was such a waste of food it really hit a nerve.

2) Please do not take this as a chance to dump your children at my house and leave. Unless you specifically ask you are still responsible for your children. Someone actually did this I had no idea the child was alone for about 30 minutes. She was only 1.

Do you have rules and ideas of what you expect from parents? What do you plan for your childrens birthday parties?