I love finding new blogs, I love reading old blogs and basically I love getting recommendations. So I thought I would share the blogs that I love reading with you.

There are two rules which I made to help me choose just 10 blogs.
1) They are chosen because of a blog they posted this week
2) I follow them.


So in no partiular order here are this weeks top blogs

For Making me laugh out loud when I was supposed to be working

For reminding me to watch the little moments in life that soon disappear

For an Amazing Sleep technique (It works)

For stunning photos and great insight

For making me appreciate my husband and everything he does for me and our kids

For showing us her pants (I can so relate to this)

For sharing what must be hard

For letting me know its ok to hate being a mum sometimes and for bringing us silent sunday (one of my favourite times of the week)

For making me smile

For reminding me it is christmas soon

There were so many more that I love and it was hard to choose but if you want me to start reading your blog feel free to place the link in the comments. I will look at every blog I am sent.

So a quick congratulations goes to

– donkeytrousers.com sorry I dont knwo your twitter handle, please tell me 🙂

Special mention to @DaddyNatal hubby says he wished he knew about this blogging lark so he could have read your site when we were expecting. Big love going out to you x