Tuesday 16th August
Potty Training day 9
Wearing – tshirt, jogging bottoms, minnie mouse knickers
Age – 23 months and 13 days

Mummy and daddy came to pick me up from nursery today and I was very excited to tell them that I had no accidents all day. I managed to pull my own trousers down today so I have asked mummy to get me some more jogging bottoms as leggings are really hard.

Catherine at nursery helped me make a new sticker chart today which I love it is very sparkly and I have lots of stickers on there now. I still wear a nappy at sleep time which is ok as I sleep very deeply and I dont like waking up.

I got a nice shiny certificate for my first full day with no accidents, it is on my wall in my bedroom now. I love being a big girl and choose my own knickers every morning. My favourite ones are my Iggle piggle and Upsy Daisy ones although Minnie mouse are also good.

I have my own potty at nursery which Mummy and Daddy bought me, it looks like a chair but it is blue, I have one that is similar at home but that one is pink and its my favourite. At nursery I am the only one in my class who is toilet training but they all like to watch me and sit on my potty. I dont mind as I feel very grown up showing them how to wee on it instead of in their nappies. A few of my friends say they would like to potty train now and their parents say thank you to Mummy a lot. I am not sure why they are thanking Mummy it is me who is teaching them, oh well.

I nearly made mummy cry when we were eating dinner as I got up and went potty all by myself. I pulled my trouser up and went back to eat my dinner. She told me she was very proud of me, I am very proud of me too.

My Mummy says that this potty training lack is easy but I actually think it is quite hard. Sometimes I am playing and I really dont want to stop just to go toilet and other times I get really annoyed when people ask me all the time if I need to use the potty. If I wanted to use the potty I would tell them or just go and use it.

As one potty training toddler to another I would say to make sure your Mummy or Daddy has lots of spare clothes and that they should give you a high five every time you sit on the potty even if you dont do anything. My mummy does this and it makes me feel very proud, my big sister Bethy also high fives me which makes me smile a lot. Also I have good days and bad days and it doesnt really matter either way.

Right I need to go use the potty again speak to you soon.