You can be a mum without actually being a mum. I bet that doesnt really make sense does it? You are here reading this because you are a real mum, you care about your kids, you enjoy reading about other peoples kids and you share the joys and woes of being a mum. You haven’t just given birth to a child and got on with your life. Real mums don’t do this because being a mum gets in the way. So what is it exactly that I think makes me a real mum?

1)Welling up in tears when you are telling someone about a particularly clever thing your child said or did. I do this alot whether about Elizabeth saying something quirky or Alison mastering the potty. All very proud moments that have to be shared.
2) Being more happy at your childs small achievements like putting their own socks on than you would be about winning a tenner on the lottery.
3) When you no longer have a clue about what is on tv at what time unless it is on a childrens channel.
4) Your cd’s in the car change to childrens tv ones, we currently have dora, mickey mouse, little einsteins, zingzillas and in the night garden.
5) When you look forward to going to Butlins on holiday because you know the kids will enjoy it – whilst there you will sit through every show on the floor with the kids without complaining, take part and sing along with all the characters, because that is what makes it so special.
6) When you plan your weekends not around seeing friends and going for a drink but going to the park, the swimming pool, the farm and anywhere else that your kids might enjoy themselves.
7) When you go shopping for things for yourself and spend all the money on things for your kids.

I am proud to be a real mum and I am proud of my kids.