Today I decided to share the blog love. I read some blogs religiously, some blogs I read when someone sticks a link up on twitter, some blogs I read to laugh and some to cry. What I would like now is some new blogs.

You might have seen some posts on twitter today asking for blog links I received a really good response but I am greedy and I want more. If you want me to read your blog and be in the chance of appearing in what I think will become a regular Saturday feature naming my 10 favourite blogs of the week place your blog link in the comments below.

Show the blog love and maybe have a click on someone you dont normally read, we all want more followers and you might just find something that you really enjoy.

I dont think I will be doing much work over the next few days as I find who I want to feature in my first ever top 10, will it be you? I have to read it to enter it so dont be shy.

Also whilst you are hear read back over my old posts, I havent been doing this long and followers and comments are always welcome.