Is it just me or is buying a new pushchair one of the main things us mums get excited about?

I have recently realised that I should not have sold my double pushchair a few months ago. I have had some great pushchairs but I have never had a new one. Being money conscious I have always either bought second hand cheap ones or got them for free on freecycle. My kids are getting older now and soon Elizabeth will be starting school. My SIL will be picking her up everyday but she has a 18 month old of her own so will need a better pushchair. I have decided that as this will be my last oushchair I would like a new/ish one.

Now everyone has their own opinions of which one is the best so I am going to list some that I am currently looking at and would love some honest feedback from mums that have used them .

OBaby XI Tandem

Hauck Duett

Graco Stadium Duo

Out n About nipper

Phil and Teds Explorer or Vibe

The pushchair will be for two toddlers so needs to be sturdy enough to support them but easy enough to steer when they are both sat in it. Obviously price wise there is a big difference between them, is the price difference worth it?