Do you ever have that feeling that things are going to get back to normal?
I am not really sure what normal means to us as a family but I can tell you that the last week has been anything but. With Elizabeth off nursery with chicken pox and Alison one week into potty training last week was hard.
Trying to find a way around childcare and work made life fairly difficult last week. In fact everything that could go wrong did. My boss was away which meant I had to go in the office at least a few days last week, My husband’s work place is less than sympathetic when it comes to having time off at short notice and it meant I had to rely on outside help.
One thing that did seem to go right for me last week was my diet, I lost 4lb in a week and have now lost a staggering 1 stone 7lbs in 7 weeks. Feeling good about it but I know there is still a long way to go.
And so begins the start of a new week, menus planned, kids at nursery and I have finally worked my way through all the emails I just couldn’t be bothered to deal with last week.
So diet wise what does this week hold for me? The nursery’s summer fair is on Saturday and I have been asked to help out, this should be fine as long as I steer clear of the cake stall. It is also SIL’s 21st Birthday at the weekend so more cake and booze to be avoided.
What I really hope for is just one uneventful healthy week full of lots of fruit, vegetables and salad with no temptations, will this ever happen? I doubt it. However a little planning and a flexible diet and I am sure I will get where I want to be.
So 2.5 stone left to lose and 19 weeks till Christmas, do you think I can do it?