Elizabeth is 3. 12th September she starts school.

As a mum this is a hard time, first is the fact that you child is now old enough to go to school and second is the panic that comes when you try to work out childcare arrangements. Don’t get me wrong we will be financially better off when only one of our children is in private nursery but how am I going to get her to school in the mornings? Who is going to pick her up? Who is going to look after in between school and me finishing work? Who is going to have her during the holidays? These are all questions that have been stressing me out.

To make matters worse her school is implementing a gradual intake programme, this means for up to 6 weeks she might only be in during the afternoon. They are taking in 30 pupils and every week they will start 5 pupils full time. However there is no guarantee which week Elizabeth will be taken and therefore I am finding it very hard to arrange her childcare. How do they expect working mums to cope with things like this? It is ridiculous to believe that we can drop everything to settle our children into school so slowly. Even our nursery had one intake of 2 hours before she started full time the next day. I am at my wits end trying to think of ways to handle this situation and things that I can do to help it run smoothly.

So dear readers I am asking for your help. What sort of arrangements do you have in place?