As a trained accountant I hate spending money. I have a spreadsheet with all our income and expenditure on it which is updated everytime we spend money. It currently lasts till christmas and is a great way to help me budget for holidays, birthdays and christmas without falling short.

Unfortunately we have to spend money almost daily. So I thought I would post up about some of the money saving tips that I follow.

  1. Always check your cashback site to see if you can get money back (I use
  2. When checking out on an online shop look for whether it asks for promotional codes, discount codes, voucher codes etc. Then type in google the website or company and the related type of code, this helps you find real codes very quickly. 
  3. Never buy anything online if it doesnt have a discount code or sale on. You will definitely be able to find it cheaper. An example of this is Lollibop Tickets, I phoned Ticketmaster when the discount code didnt work and they got me a family ticket for £70 including booking fees.
  4. If you can save weekly or monthly with someone like they now do vouchers for supermarkets as well as big names and highstreet vouchers. The vouchers last for over a year so you can use them to spread the cost of birthdays too not just christmas.
  5. Do your grocery shopping online. It doesnt matter who it is with this will guarantee to save you money against going into the shop. 
  6. Do not go into a superstore if you only want bread and milk, go to the more expensive corner shop. This will save you money.
  7. Do not take your husband/significant other to the supermarket. Kids you can say no to, Dads on the other hand dont listen.
  8. When Grocery shopping online you can either use or go direct, your choice. 
  9. When I was a stay at home mum and money was tight I used to register a new email address with yahoo everytime I wanted to do a shop. This entitled me to use a £10 off a £50 shop voucher everytime. It took a lot of time and a lot of effort to do the shop from scratch everytime but you get quicker at it and it saved me a fortune.
  10. Always use your clubcard/nectar card when shopping.
  11. Finally follow for the most upto date and best offers around every week.

Hope this helps someone and gives others a different way of looking at things.

One thing I want to add to this is about PPI. I am sure you have all heard about it, I didnt think I had taken out a policy, having always said no when asked. However some companies put this on automatically. I have just received a refund of £1500 that I never knew I was entitled. Make sure you check all your old loans, credit cards and catalogues. If you dont have the paperwork just phone the companies and they will be able to tell you if you had PPI. Its worth the phonecall and there is nothing to lose as I have seen.