Is it just me or did becoming a mum destroy other peoples sex drive too?

I remember when I was pregnant with Elizabeth reading about loss of sex drive and thinking that could never happen to me. Now I have never been a raving sex mad nympho but I love my husband and still find him attractive.

I was trying to remember the other night when the last time we had sex was, and I couldnt. He loves me and find me attractive and would happily have sex every night if I let him. The problem is I dont let him. I hate my body. I feel disgusting and I am also tired (see making excuses already).

Elizabeth now 3 has never really slept properly and a full nights sleep are few and far between. I am sleep deprived and I think my body is coping by switching off. Nothing gets me going anymore, I have tried watching films that I know have semi erotic scenes in them (always used to work) I have tried reading erotic novels (again they used to work wonders). I always make excuses and now I am losing weight and I can see that me being fat isnt really a good enough excuse. I still have a long way to go before I am happy with the way I look but I now cant see that making me horny.

I know that the lack of intimacy is slowly destroying my relationship with my husband, he thinks I dont love him or like him anymore and wont believe me when I say I do. It just feels like too much trouble to actually go through the motions. I remember that when we did have sex last I didnt really enjoy it. It was as though all the sensors had turned off and I couldnt feel any enjoyment. I have no idea how to change this rut that I am in

Now I am pleading with you, am I alone? What do you think I should do?