This week has been an absolute mummy nightmare.

Elizabeth has chicken pox, hence grumpy stroppy agitated and generally disobedient. Let alone waking up a few times every night.

Alison decided to start toilet training on sunday, she refuses to wear nappies but when wearing knickers and trousers she just wets herself. Informing me that she is “wet” as she wees. Lots of accidents and lots of washing.

Guest blogged on therealsupermum earlier this week and because it was about my past it kind of threw me out slightly. Its been a long time since I thought about my past but it has made me feel good to get it out there. I felt a lot of love coming my way from all the comments.

Work has been fairly stressful trying to work from home, problem is the boss is on holiday and I should be in charge. How can I be in charge when I am at home. Not a good week.

Livng in Manchester with all of these riots has also been an issue, my work is in the city centre of Manchester right near where the riots/looting took place. This has just added to the stress.

Husband has been a pain, he is going through a hard time at teh moment at work and I finally convinced him to get a new job. On Tuesday he had his first interview. He has had the same job for 7 years so this was quite a challenge for him. Still not heard but fingers crossed.

So in general I have been busy with chicken pox cream, poo, pee and washing, a stressed out husband and a rioting city. At what point am I supposed to right my blog or keep track of everything on twitter.

So what I am saying is I missed you. There I said it I have become addicted to blogging and tweeting and all of you lovely people.