At bath time we found chicken pox on Elizabeth, or chicken spots as she likes to call them. She asked for a magnifying glass to see if she could see any chickens in the spots and try as I might she would not believe there was no chickens.

Do you ever have one off those day? You know the ones where you can literally see your children growing up in front of your eyes.
Alison (23 months) woke up yesterday and demanded “No Nappy”. Oh god potty training! So with Poo on the floor and Pee in the car we face potty training with trepidition.

I have tried not to think about potty training Alison she is my baby and will be my last. If she doesnt wear nappies, I will no longer have a baby.
Am I the only mum who does this? Have you allowed your youngest to go longer with the bottle? the dummy? or even the breast? just because you knew they would be your last.

Elizabeth is sat watching me write this blog and she would like to to write something for you all to read. So here goes.

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Have a good day!