Time for a rant. I am a nice polite person, I was brought up to give up my seat to elderly and pregnant women. I always thank the driver as do my children. I have even left a bus with my pushchair in the rain to let a wheelchair come on without even huffing. However what happened to me today really made my blood boil.

We are quite lucky in Manchester that even the small buses have enough space for up to 3 pushchairs. Or two pushchairs and a wheelchair. I was going a huge journey of 5 stops to get to the local tesco for more medicine for spotty child number 1 who was walking and I had potty training child number 2 in the pushchair.

I get on the bus that had about 3 people on it, no-one near the front so I put the pram in the designated space and my children both sat on a seat. I stood near them to ensure they didnt fall as all dutiful mums would do. Two stops down the road and this miserable old women gets on with her shopping trolley. She demands that I move my children and the pushchair so she can sit where my youngest is sat. I politely point out that the other side of the bus where there is no-one sat is perfectly acceptable for her and the idea of trying to move two toddlers and a pushchair by myself because she wants a particular seat in unacceptable. Anyway she turns round and say “well I am disabled you know so you have to move”. If my children were not with me I certainly would have said a few words however I held my tongue and quietly moved Alison and the pushchairs to the other side of the bus. Elizabeth did not want to move, and she did not want to sit next to this terribly rude old lady so she lay on the floor of the bus holding onto my leg and screamed and screamed and kicked and tantrumed to her hearts content. Now that is fine with me in fact I wished at that point that I could join her. What really got me was when the old lady turned to me and said “is she tired?” No you stupid old bat you upset her and now I have to deal with the consequences, was what I really wanted to say. Instead I had a polite ocnversation with her.

I finished my shopping and went to the bus stop to go back, waiting for the bus and the old women turns up again, grrr. Now I am a firm believer in letting old people go first and would have had no problem with her getting on the bus before me even though I was there first. However with Alison in my arms and Elizabeth asleep in the pushchair I did not appreciate her pushing my pushchair out of the way so she could stand near the kerb. One handed I finally managed to park my pushchair on the bus. Once again she strikes up a conversation with me as though she is not the rudest person I have met in a long time.

Getting off the bus and finally making it though my front doors I couldn’t help thinking to myself that no matter how old I get I will not use it as an excuse to make other peoples life a misery.