So we are off to Lollibop tomorrow.

Travelling from Manchester at 8am on a Saturday morning on the train with two toddlers, my husband and a very hungover godfather. I dont know who is worse. Two hours of trying to entertain two very excited very giddy adults and two very grumpy fed up toddlers, hang on shouldn’t that be the other way round?

I am sure the adults are more excited about all the fun things we are going to see and do, My husband wants to see the Zingzillas the most and has made us listen to the cd in the car on every journey this week.

Tomorrow is going to go one of two ways, either we are going to have an idealic family day out with lots of fun had by all or it is going to be a disaster with tantrums (Husband), tired children(Beth and Alison) and screaming fits (me). At least the weather looks good and it will make for some nice photos.

I will post again on Sunday and tell you about all the fun that is Lollibop