I was awoken at 5:45am this morning by an inquisitive little three year old who wanted to know why mummy was still in bed .
Elizabeth has a go-glo alarm clock. Great invention that allows you to tell the child that until they see the daytime picture (in this case upsy daisy) they must stay in bed. Sounds like a dream come true and it is…most of the time.

Enter Daddy. Daddy decided he wanted to put Elizabeth to bed, he did the bath, he read the stories, he reminded her to sleep all night so she can move her reward chart. What he didnt do was set her alarm clock.

This meant that when Elizabeth stirred out of sleep early this morning her alarm clock showed her it was time to get up. Now as a mum I could have told her to go back to bed or something along those lines but it wasnt her fault. We have informed her over and over that when the daytime picture shows she can get up, so she did.

This is how I found myself on the sofa a 6am in the morning with a cup of coffee watching early morning childrens tv.

Daddy has been reprimanded and told that next time he will have to get up instead. As for me 5 cups of coffee later and I am starting to feel human again.