Have any of you ever been to parenting classes?
I mean we have lots of compulsory lessons before driving a car but nothing on how to bring up a child. When I was a stay at home mum I attended a group of sessions run in my local sure start called “Parent Survival”. It was for parents of 2 to 5 year olds. It tackled all the things that parents of this age of children go through, tantrums, sleeping problems, eating problems basically PROBLEMS. 
It was based around Dr Caroline Webster-Stratton’s Incredible years book (which I would highly recommend to anyone with young children).
A Few things still stay with me from this course.
Firstly there is the Piggy Bank, it must be filled with lots of positive things, love, praise, attention and caring. If your piggy bank is empty your child will not respond to discipline.
Secondly there is the pyramid. Starting with Play at the bottom, then praise, then effective limit setting, then Ignoring and finally right at the very top is Time out. Basically it says that the majority of the time you should be playing with your children and the smallest amount of time disciplining them.
Easy to say but how often is this reality?
The book explains a lot of things in very simple terms, it helped me understand Elizabeth’s psychological development as well as how to support her. Little things like praising her a lot and ignoring all the little annoying things have made such a difference to our day to day life. Elizabeth knows that she goes in Time out only when she has been violent or destructive, so much so that when she threw a toy at her sister the other day, when no-one was watching, she decided to go and sit on the step by herself.  Now that is well trained is that 🙂