To fill you in on me, my husband and my family I thought I would tell you about my wedding.

In fact some of you might have watched it, my wedding was featured on Four Weddings Season 2 Episode 10.

I had a halloween fancy dress wedding. It was good fun, it made good memories and the photos are fantastic.

Would I ever go on TV again…No! Not a chance. Reality TV is harsh, the editing is harsh and you never really see on tv what happens when you are there.

Having said that I met some lovely people, attended 3 very different weddings and have a dvd for my kids to see off a day that they would have been too young to remember.

Would I have a fancy dress wedding again? Probably not. I would like to renew my vows on either my 5th or 10th anniversary. Preferably somewhere hot on a beach. I would want to be a size 10 and I would want to look gorgeous.

Did the wedding suit me at the time? Definitely, I was FAT, I had an 8 week old baby, a wedding dress bought from ebay and fake blood dripping down my face. At that point in time that was exactly what I wanted and I don’t regret it one bit. However I would love to do it properly and get some lovely photos. I would also love for my daughters to be bridesmaids.

So witches, vampires, mummys and werewolves my wedding had them all the only thing it didnt have was a semblance of normality.