As I said in my first ever post my daughter Elizabeth is very strong willed.

When I collected her from nursery yesterday her key worker explained to me that she had been a little bit mischieveous. So what had my darling little girl done?
She has decided to redecorate the childrens toilets.

  • Drawings on the walls
  • Paints on the doors
  • toilet paper all over the floors

When asked why she had done this she explained that it looked boring and she wanted to make the toilets a happier place. She also refused to say sorry. 45 minutes later they finally got an apology out of her.

Now I tried not to laugh as this was being explained and did the whole disappointed mum look as the nursery worker told me all about it but what I was really thinking was where were the workers? I mean you dont find pens and paint in the toilets, she would have had to have gone looking for them and then carried them to the toilet whilst people were unaware of what she was doing. Also from the descriptions I was give it must have taken her quite a while so surely during this time someone must of thought to themselves “Wheres Elizabeth?”

I couldnt really be that annoyed with her although I did explain that we should draw on paper and not walls. Maybe I have an interior designer for a daughter and we should give her free reign to decorate her bedroom? I can’t see dear husband agreeing with that though.