Last week Alison had chicken pox.  Elizabeth has never had it and try as I might I cant get her to catch it. I even made her give her sister a hug just before they changed into their pyjamas. Spotty skin to perfectly clear skin and still no luck.
I am quite privileged as my employer is very sympathetic and allowed me to have last week off as long as I answered emails and took phone calls but will he be as sympathetic if Elizabeth gets it and I have to have another week off?
So a week off work, sounds good doesn’t it? I was begging to go back by Friday. I have no idea how I used to do it. Until January I was a stay at home mum. I ran playgroups, I was the Netmums Chairmum for my local area, I was a contact point for new parents, I worked closely with different agencies and basically I talked to everyone. A trip to the supermarket took hours because I ran into so many parents asking for advice or who just wanted an adult conversation. I knew what was going on where and when and even had a calendar on my fridge of every playgroup run in my area. In one week it made me realise how much I relied on having things to do, but with a spotty contagious child there is not much to do but stay at home. Ok we had good weather so the garden was a joy but the rest of the time consisted of Justin Fletcher and show me show me. Give me some work to do that does not involve children was all my brain was shouting at me by Friday evening so I was very happy to see that Alison was now a scabby child and not a spotty one. Yes! I can return to work.
Am I one of the lucky few working mums who has an employer who understands? He doesn’t have children, in fact he doesn’t even really like them (or cats) so why is he so good? He understands that happy stress free staff make a better place to work and more productivity. Plus I am at his beck and call with the work Blackberry always with me (even when on holiday) so maybe it was just time to repay me.   Either way I love the company I work for and wouldn’t change it for the world.