So why am I writing a blog…

I think the main reason is to keep all the fun memories that fade with time, the little things that can not be captured in a photo, the silly things kids say and the journey we go on as we tackle different obsticles that life throws at us as a family. The secondary reason is to keep a journal of my weight loss. Yes I am a mummy on a diet.

So what started my dieting journey, one glorious sunday morning five weeks ago whilst watching Peppa Pig, Elizabeth turns around and says

“Mummy you have a big fat tummy like Daddy Pig”

Well that was definitely the push I needed. I am a size 18-20. I used to be a size 10.

I have an underactive thyroid which doesnt help but that is no excuse I am FAT. I admit it. Having children didnt help but then living life doesnt help. It was time for a change.

So Today I am 5 weeks in, I have lost 1st 1lb. It has been good, I have eaten lots of vegetables, lots of fruit and not much carbohydrates. This seems to work for me and thankfully I have a very supportive husband who loves vegetables too. I am following weight watchers but I am doing it online. I dont have time to go to groups when I work full time and have two youngsters. I also dont have time to go to an exercise class or gym. So my husband bought me Zumba for the Wii. It is hilarious.

So what is my goal… there is 21 weeks will christmas. 1lb a week is a stone and a half, 2lbs a week is three stone. Now that would be amazing. I have informed the husband that for christmas I want new clothes in a size 12 but will I have a new figure to match. I am determined and will try my hardest to get there.

I hope you enjoy reading about our journey as a family as much as I will enjoy writing it and I look forward to sharing the delights of being a parent with you as often as I can.