To say this is daunting is an understatement, I have never written anything like this before but after reading some inspirational blogs I thought I should give it a go.

I am a mum.

I have two daughters, Elizabeth just turned 3 in June and Alison will be 2 in September. I also have a big kid, sometimes called a husband. He tries his best, as most do but what I could really do with is two of me.

Elizabeth is a very strong willed determined young lady who will speak her mind at any opportunity. She has never really slept well at night (hense the tired-mummy) and unless there is a reward chart or sticker chart going I can guarantee I will be up at least once every night. The thing with this is that she always needs a new one, I cant just re-use the same chart. How many different charts are there? I am sure I will run out soon.

Alison is a quiet one, most things would not phase her at all, however when she does lose her temper (which is becoming increasingly frequent as her second birthday approaches) she really loses it. Full blown screaming, kicking, biting, scratching machine. Its quite funny as people always say how quiet she is until they see her have a tantrum. Their opinion soon changes.

Obviously I am a few years into being a mummy now but things are still hard and I still have to look for advice and ideas on how to handle different things.

I have a few rules that I try to stick to on how to be a good mum

1) Never Hit
2) Try not to Shout
3) Always treat my girls like equals
4) Never argue in front of them
5) Always try to do at least one fun thing each weekend

As I am sure most of you will agree these are not always easy and I am sure I have broken most of them at some point.

One thing to remember when trying to be a good mum, you will always make mistakes its repeating them that causes problems…