Butlins Day 3 – Wednesday 7th September

Today we had a lie in, this did mean that we didnt have breakfast with the characters (Spud and Wendy) but the girls didnt mind and seemed in a lot better mood after the extra sleep.

Wednesdays at Bognor means Thomas the tank engine. This is great for Thomas fans but my girls are not really that keen. We watched about 20 minutes of what was a really good show before Elizabeth was bored and wanted to go and do something else.

Whilst Thomas is on it means that nothing else is scheduled for the Skyline pavilion so there was no puppet castle to enjoy this morning however that doesnt mean there was nothing to do. With Looney Tunes in centre stage, Arts and crafts in the nursery and all of the sports activities plus the swimming pool, soft play area and funfairs we definitely were not bored.

The girls decided they wanted to go swimming so we headed off to Splash. Bognor’s splash is the smallest out of the three resorts but I still think it is plenty big enough. With slides for all ages, waves, bubble pools and rapids as well as two good sized pools it never seems that busy so we had lots of fun. We stayed in until lunchtime when we had to get out to go to our character lunch.

The butlins character lunches are £15 per person or £50 for a family of four. It takes place in the coast restaurant which is one of butlins premier dining restaurants and includes an all you can eat buffet. We always book onto the character lunch as we find it is a great experience for the girls. Each child gets a free picture taken with Angelina Ballerina and Bob the builder, the characters then visit each table in turn before leaving the children to eat there lunch. The girls each received a Billy bear balloon and a toy kite (gift varies each time, we have had cuddly toys including Billy, blow up chairs, pop up storage and more). At the end Billy bear and Daisy cow came out to read a story before it was time to say goodbye.

By the time we had a little rest after lunch Thomas was all packed up and over at the puppet castle Billy bear and redcoat Michaela were getting ready to read us all a story. It was really good and was nice to have a little down time just listening to a good old fashioned story.

Ever since I had arrived on Monday I was intrigued by some new rigging around the skyline stage, hubby hadnt even noticed it until I pointed it out but it has a sign on it that said “Circus Rocks” this was also the name of the show due on at 6:15pm. Its weird for there to be a show we have not seen before so we were very excited and made sure we got really good seats.

What can I say, it was amazing. A circus/acrobatic/dancing show where everyone is dressed like a caveman. The skills and costumes on display were amazing and there was always something to watch. It flowed very easily with the background story joining it all together nicely. The redcoat who was singing had an amazing voice and I thought it was a sound track until hubby pointed her out.

Next we headed to Brian Turners new restaurant simply called “Turners” but I will write about this seperately as I like to think of myself as something of a food critic.

After dinner the girls were really tired so we headed back to our room for a bath and an earlyish night.

All views contained are my own, I paid for this holiday in full and am writing to share my experiences. I was not compensated for this review. Some photos are courtesy of Bourne Leisure.


Butlins Day 2 – Tuesday 6th September

Found one problem with the hotel, there is no door on the kids bedroom which means they woke me up a lot last night.

Anyway at 7:45am we headed down for breakfast with two very excited toddlers who wanted to have breakfast with Billy bear and Ludo the dinosaur.

They didnt really eat much but they did have lots of fun.

Next up was the Little Big Club, this is an hour and a half or two hour show depending on the day that has 4 redcoats as little big club members, they are visited by different HiT characters throughout the show. Today we were visited by Pingu who did exercises, Bob the Builder and Wendy who had a surprise party and Barney, BJ and Baby bop who went on an imaginary journey to the beach. If you are put off by the length of the show you dont need to be, my two sat there for the whole show and we enjoyed a well earned costa coffee.

After the little big club we popped into the holiday shop to discuss our next break, the staff were very helpful and it had a great little play area for the kids whilst we discussed coming back at christmas.

Elizabeth wanted to go to watch the puppet castle so off we went, in fact we watched puppet castle a lot today. They only do two shows but the kids love them and are happy to sit through them again and again.

We head over to the main stage in the pavilion to take part in Imagine with Billy, it is an interactive show in which the children guided by Billy and the redcoats go on a magical journey using their imaginations. They head to the beach on there magic coach and build sandcastles, throw frisbees and have a picnic before heading back to the skyline pavilion. This show was a bit old for Alison although she played along she didnt really understand it but it was perfect for Elizabeth who really enjoyed making her own backpack and deciding on its colour and joining in with all the imaginary activities.

The skyline gang have a few shows on today including two of our favourite ones, Junk Funk where the audience join in drumming with the Skyline gang and Party Pod where they dance and sing along to songs like I am the music man whilst being in the magic circle with the children. Both of these shows are really good for Skyline gang fans as they are able to interact with the Skyline gang rather than just watch them on a stage.

Today we ate Burger King for dinner, not my choice I have to say. It was edible but slightly colder and slightly more expensive than if we bought it from a normal Burger King.

The last entertainment of the day and the one we look forward to most is Billys Magic Show, with a cast that includes Dino, Darwin, Daisy the cow and Rainbow the dog my kids love this show and with all the costumes, songs and effort that goes into this its easy to see why.

Once again it was off to put Billy to bed and go to sleep ourselves after a very busy day….yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

All views contained are my own, I paid for this holiday in full and am writing to share my experiences. I was not compensated for this review. Some photos are courtesy of Bourne Leisure.

Butlins Day 1 – Monday 5th September Check In day

When staying at Butlins you can arrive on site from midday. We are unable to check into our hotel room until 3 o’clock but with access to splash and the skyline pavilion this isnt a problem.

With the entertainment in the Skyline starting with Elizabeths favourite, at the Puppet Castle at 1pm we soon get stuck into enjoying our stay.

We go to the hotel to check in and head up to our room, the kids love it and are very excited about sleeping in different beds. Especially Elizabeth who wants to sleep in the top bunk.

We found this on our bed.

Next up on our entertainment schedule was the Skyline gangs meet the gang show (we have the cd of this in our car so we were able to sing along). The girls love all of the characters from the Skyline gang but there favourite is Rainbow the dog.

After the joys of the Skyline gang we headed outside to have a go on the funfair. We enjoyed the Merry go round, the pirate ship and the trampolines. All of the staff were very friendly allowing the kids to stay on for another go if they wanted to and there were no queues which was really good.

By this time we were getting hungry so we decide to head to Papa Johns Pizza place, they do a buffet of pizza, pasta and salad for about £9 per adult and £4 per children. Elizabeth decided she wanted Spaghetti bolognese so she shared one with her sister. I have to say the pizza’s were great, there was a large selection on offer and they were all fresh and hot. The salads on the other hand were a bit strange. A fruit salad in a mayonnaise type dressing, a Waldorf type salad with no apple but lots of strawberries and a greek salad that really could have done with some feta.

Next up was the Pantomine- each resort has a different one, Bognor does Goldilocks and the three bears. It is always fun trying to spot the redcoats and even the skyline gang in different costumes. We really like this one because Billy bear takes part which is always a good way of getting the childrens attention.

Once the panto was finished it was 8:30pm, we headed over to the hotel and eagerly awaited Billy bear ready to put him to bed before heading to bed ourselves.

All views contained are my own, I paid for this holiday in full and am writing to share my experiences. I was not compensated for this review. Some photos are courtesy of Bourne Leisure.

Butlins – Bognor Regis – Shoreline Hotel

Having just returned from our lovely holiday on the south coast at Butlins Bognor Regis I thought I would let you all know about our wonderful week away. As you my readers will know I have two young girls Elizabeth who is 3 and Alison who is 2. Sometimes when you have children this young it is difficult to find a holiday that suits them. Children this age need to be entertained nearly constantly, they also need variety so they dont get bored. One of the main things we have found is that they need to feel at home in the accommodation. This is why we choose Butlins.

Having been to all three Butlins resorts in the last two years we now only go to Bognor Regis, Why? because it is smaller, it seems designed for the younger clientele and it has the Shoreline Hotel.

Why is this so important? Guests at the shoreline get exclusive archery lessons (not that we have done those yet), they also have exclusive access to Billy Bears Bedroom. Billy Bear sleeps in the Shoreline Hotel, every night between 8:30pm and 9:00pm the guests can go to Billy’s bedroom to tuck him into bed. This was a great way of getting my kids into bed as our room was on the same floor as Billy’s so they went straight there after putting him to bed.

Billy also reads them a story (you must book at reception on check in) and has a special photoshoot in his bedroom too (you must book at reception on check in).

Apart from Billy’s bedroom the Shoreline also has Character breakfasts. You need to book on to these at reception and they are very popular. The character breakfasts are between 7:45 and 9am Usually two characters will come round each table and say hello to the children. You also get the option to take photos and give them a cuddle. We booked in a bed and breakfast, giving us access to these character breakfasts but also the freedom to try out different restaurants for our evening meal.

The bedrooms are built with children in mind, bright decor crossover bunkbeds and free to hire bedguards. At reception there is a large selection of dvds which are free to hire (with a £10 returnable deposit) and there are both adult and childrens dvds available. With a dvd player in each room the whole family should be happy here, I know we were.

As for entertainment the whats on guide details everything on and where to find it. There is also Splashworld, soft play area and the tots funfair all of which are either in the skyline pavilion or attached to it, this means that if the weather is bad you dont need to get wet to still have fun. There is lots to do outdoors including the larger funfair with merry go round, pirate ship and trampolines plus rides for bigger children. With lots of sports activities there will be something for everyone.

So what did we do whilst we were there? My two love the characters and Puppet castle so we spent most of our time inside the Skyline Pavilion watching the shows and making new friends.

To show you just how action packed our week was I will be issuing a new blog post each day detailing what we did, where we ate and what the kids (and us) liked best.

All views contained are my own, I paid for this holiday in full and am writing to share my experiences. I was not compensated for this review. All photos are courtesy of Bourne Leisure.

Share the blog love saturday

Due to having been in Butlins all week and still not at home until later today I knew I would not have time to choose the top 10 blog posts of the week. I asked the wonderful @Mummyvswork if she would do me the honour of choosing her top 10. This has been really good because it means I have actually added some more blogs to my reader.


Here are the 10 posts of the week 🙂

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Wow this was hard to do! So many blogs out there but it was a struggle to find actual posts (not reviews or sponsored events!) Has made me realise i want to be more blogger than reviewer if that makes sense ?

Kind regards
Paula @mummyvswork

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Guest Post – I have turned into a slummy mummy

Hi there, I’m Jo, 33, mummy to 3 gorgeous girls aged 19mths, 4 and 7.

I’ve always been very lucky when it comes to my weight, never ever had to go on a diet before, pretty much ate what I wanted which included a lot of chocolate and always hovered around the 9 1/2 stone mark which at 5ft 7in made me a very comfortable 10-12 dress size.

However, since having my 3rd baby I’ve really been struggling. I stopped breastfeeding her a couple of months ago and was gleefully saying to people, ‘that extra stone that I’ve been holding onto in case there’s a FAMINE will just drop off now’! – Well imagine the shock and horror when it didn’t at all and I realised it wasn’t a stone I was still carrying around but a whole 2 of them!

The final straw (s)were going shopping for my new very girly and very non breastfeeding bra. I was waiting to get measured in front of those lovely all around mirrors in a very non flattering pair of leggings with my very deflated stomach oozing over the top. I could have cried I mean, i know those kind of changing rooms aren’t the best, but it was awful. – I didn’t recognise myself. Then I was measured; I was always around a 32 A (a B if I was feeling like stretching it a bit) and wait for it – I measured a very definite, huge, 36 C.

One of my friends has been doing the Weight Watchers Pro Points Diet for the last 6 months, I have been eagerly watching her extra weight (she’s a mummy of 3 as well) literally dropping off her, so I plucked up the courage and decided to go along to one of the meetings. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I was also worried as I do like wine: a lot ooo and bread is my staple food when I’m shattered and trying to just keep going, not to mention the slightly more than occasional Mars Bar on the way home from the morning school run.

First came the weigh in I gingerly stepped on the scales , hmmm even heavier than I thought, but the leader was ever so nice and asked me what weight I would like to aim for, gave me a starter pack and told me that she’d explain everything at the end of the meeting.

The Meeting 😉 I was imagining it to be very ‘Fat Fighters’ like in Little Britain, being told to eat ‘Dust’ and such like. I was pleasantly surprised as it was very friendly with lots of input from the group with handy hints and tips , I’m also pleased to say that there was no ‘ My name is Jo and blah blah blah…’ I hate speaking to a group of people I don’t know.

The Pro Points diet is based on a system where every food has a certain number of points allocated to it. Fruit and most veg have 0 points as does salad, an egg has 3 points, etc etc, so you can eat whatever you want as long as you keep track of it and don’t exceed the allowances. I was given the daily points allowance of 29, with an extra 49 little beauties to spread over the week! (wine points)

I felt really motivated as I left the meeting and armed with my little book ‘Shop’ that pretty much gives you the points values of everything branded that you can buy in the supermarkets. The starter pack that I was given included some handy tracking leaflets and a pocket guide with basic points values of things…’chicken breast, bowl of cereal, banana, Mars Bar etc…… and also a weekly booklet with recipes some of which looked really yummy! Hurrah!

I opted to pay for a monthly pass instead of paying for each meeting, it works out cheaper and you get to use the E –Source tools on the weightwatchers website. There’s loads of info on this including literally hundreds of recipes and helpful tips, as well as trackers and a really fantastic recipe builder that works out the points of the ingredients’ of a recipe that you create yourself.

And so it began…. I have to say that I really cut back on bread, which I did really miss for the first few days, but I have been eating such nicer things. Warm salads, lots of fish (very low in points) soups, cous cous with oven roasted veg and loads and loads of fruit! I’m feeling very worthy now I’m hitting my 5 a day for sure! I even managed to have 2 glasses of wine most nights and still kept within my points allowance! A whole week passed with me really making an effort to write down and track every single thing that passed my lips, it didn’t even feel like a diet if I’m honest!

The moment of truth came at the next meeting, I was so nervous I woke up at 6:30, even though the children were all still sound asleep, anyway I weighed in at 4 whole pounds lighter!!!! Yes really, 4 whole pounds and I have to say, my tummy is a lot less bloated already! I know that quite often the first week of any diet normally results in the most weight loss, but I was astounded.

Long may it continue, wish me luck 😉

You can find Jo on twitter @joeyegg22 she has never blogged before but I think she is a natural. Keep it up Jo and well done, 4lbs is an amazing loss (by the way Hovis bread is less points than most so if you really miss it try that).

Guest Post – When Little Princesses’ become Little women

Saturday morning I woke up to a lovely cuppa coffee, toast and the newspaper.

Now, I normally read the news online! I try my best to avoid it first thing in the morning! Why? Because it tends to put me in an undesirable mood ( Like PMT at the wrong time of the month)

But for some bazaar reason I decided, “Why not, lets do it!”
Well, guys, here’s why!

The Sun newspaper reports that toddlers & children as young as 16 months (YES, that’s 16 Months old) are being spray tanned at home by they’re loving mothers or in some cases even saloons. Others are padded out with fake boobs and enhanced bottom, while having their tender beautiful skin caked in, “Chemical rich makeup.” We’ve seen and heard about it all before, but this time, these sad mental mothers are taking their pass-time to an all time new low! It seems that those Moms in the States that think it’s the norm to tart up their little princess when practically still in nappies are not alone! Mother’s across the UK think it’s harmless two.

There’s been a lot of this madness hitting the UK media these past few years, it just seems that 2011 has showcased some of the worst cases, as we witness the situation getting more extreme by the day.

The media has brought us shows, like, “Little Miss UK” while others have highlighted the outrageous Children’s clothing collections, to have hit the market!

Come on mum’s do you really think it’s acceptable, Normal even, to let your pre-schoolers and young children wear knickers that read, “I’m a naughty Devil” or “private property?”
For those that said yes! I Pity you, however it’s your children I pity more!

As a mother of three, two boys and a girl, I would never even think about buying such awful products for my children (let alone allow them to wear this unsightly pedo attracting rubbish)!

Yes, you may thing that sounds harsh, yet, is it really? Just look at the high number of horrific crimes against children, this year alone!

My daughter is 8 years old. I used to call her my little Princess, (of course she still is and always will be) however these past few months she’s fast becoming, “Mummy’s Little Diva” I guess she’s just growing up! Now I wont lie! She is quite interested in the contents of my makeup bag (Yes, a little too interested for my liking). She has been known to sit at my dressing table, in-front of the mirror, caking her face like a clown. For me this is little girls, growing up and becoming curious! Would I let her cake her face like this only to take her out shopping? Hell No! Worse still would I apply the makeup for her? Again… NO WAY!
Yes, I have seen her push a cushion up her top as to resemble a waddling pregnant mummy to be! She even asked me once, if she could borrow a bra, “Excuse me child while mummy scrapes her jar off the floor, but a WHAT?”

That’s the scary thing for me, my princess is growing up fast and Me, her mother, doesn’t like it one little bit!
If I could keep her young and innocent for ever, I would do it in a heartbeat! Sadly I don’t have that option, So… I want to enjoy her being my little girl, just like I want to enjoy my boys being just that, BOYS!

Yes, it’s not all about the little girl you know! Mothers with sons are drastically jumping in on the action too, by converting little men into big men! Seriously, a few months back I see an article where a 7 year old boy was reported to be wearing a T-shirt with the caption, “I love pussies” Ok, fair does, it had a picture of a kitten blurred across the front, yet what parent has brought it to resemble a true kitty? My guess, not many! More likely a twisted one, or that of a thick one!

The image on the front page of the sun newspaper and that of the ‘Star’ was one that filled me with horror!
This was a child reported to be aged just 4 years Yet, here she was skin bright orange, lips overly plump and pink, easily mistaken for a child in her early teens. Yet, as-if the whole tango skin & trout pout look wasn’t enough for the youngster to contend with, she was also padded out with a set of fake boobs and an enhanced bottom . No, No, No… This clearly isn’t a good look for a pre-schooler!

So… Why in gods name would her mother, the woman who gave her life, inflict such a thing on her beautiful baby faced, pretty 4 year old tot? It turns my stomach, yet draws a tear to my eye, to report that her mother thinks It’s much sexier and will help her daughter gain victory at a children’s beauty pageant, taking place in the States where this Wacky mummy lives. OK, this isn’t a UK mother but a mother all the same! This is a mother who outrageously claimed, “When her daughter wears the fake boobs and butt, it’s just like extra bonus!

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry? “Lady, listen to yourself, she isn’t a barbie doll, in need of a Ken, she’s a baby, your baby! Fix up, do your own makeup!

Over on home ground, a 37 year old mother and Beautician has admitted to spray tanning her 4 year old daughter, alongside her two siblings aged 6 & 10.
This mental mum, claims, “It helps to boost Little xxxxxx confidence.”

Again, are you raving loopy! Why wouldn’t a 4 year little girl have any confidence, surely this is something that is required to grow with your child? Even if she was 21 , fake boobs and a fat arse isn’t gonna make her walk around head held high. If anything she will be to traumatised from her very orange childhood. Stop being so shallow mummy, leave that spray gun at work where it belongs!

Personally readers, I think these mothers, maybe even fathers, are nothing other than a group of raving nut jobs, with low self confidence, looking for something to fill that big, old hole. I’m stating an opinion here, and in all due respect, I consider these mothers to be inflicting a type of “Abuse” on the child by dressing them up like mini women!

You see, we do not live in a, “Perfect world” there are some sick and twisted human-beings that walk the earth. Sadly they have desires that no adult should EVER…. have! For this reason alone, you will never find my daughter done up like a tart and paraded all over the media for the world to see!
For me, this is a way that those sick beast in our society can get their kicks fear free!

As a mother and human bloody being, I say Sexualising children is wrong. Those that indulge in such disturbing hobbies are beyond sick. The wacky parents dressing their beautiful children like some kind of Barbie doll, need locking up!

Oh, & those that run these so called “Beauty contest” can join them!

Claire Louise
Blog at A Boy with Aspergers
URL: http://aspergersinfo.wordpress.com

Guest Post – Raising a child to be a global citizen

Raising a child to be a global citizen
My first guest blog! An American on a British blog. Let me start warm up with some US-UK translation. Analyze (=Analyse), Color (=Colour), Lou (=bathroom, restroom, etc), flat (=apartment). Quick question: Why don’t you spell it bloug? Ok, now that’s covered, I think we’re ready to go!
What to write about on a guest blog? My little boy Jack (1-year old) and I have only been doing this blogging thing for a month or so now, since I’ve been staying home with him. And I have to say that although he’s the inspiration for much of what we write about, Jack’s not very helpful with the actual writing. His grammar’s off, and he has no sense of structure. His main contributions to the blog are grabbing the wireless mouse, unplugging the computer, and typing various combinations of aehfao;ehg;ahg jahsjdfhasd . So, when we sat down this morning to brainstorm about what to write in this guest blog, you can imagine that his input was not quite of equal contribution. Here’s what he wanted to say…”da da da da da da da mumumummumumumumum…pppppppbbbbbbsssssttt”. So, I told him I’d find a way to work it in. There ya go Jack.
But, I digress. When Tired-Mummy (that’s Mommy for any U.S. readers out there…really don’t know why all the extra U’s) asked me if I’d be interested in doing a guest blog, I thought it’d be fun to think about raising a child to be an international citizen. This world is changing so rapidly, melding of cultures, of languages, of food, of religion. Jack’s mom and I never really travelled outside of the country when we were growing up. And Chinese food was pretty much the only ethnic food we were exposed to (unless you count Italian). And we’re not even talking real Chinese food. You know the stuff they bring around on the Dim Sum cart and when they come by our table, and you ask what it is and they just look at you, shake their head and say “not for you”. Turns out Americans don’t usually like turtle and chicken-feet for Sunday brunch. No, this was Americanized Chinese food. Deep-fried General Tsao’s chicken, sweet-and-sour pork, and the like.
When Jack’s mom and I grew up and became scientists, we were exposed us to many great new international things. Food: Sushi, Thai, Ethiopian. Travel: to other countries for work and having foreign-people travel to the U.S. to work with us. Culture: Even cultures as similar as the US vs. UK have a great many differences—more so than just your fetish for extra U’s and your aversion to the letter z (=zed), let alone the differences among non-western cultures.
The world in which Jack is going to be an adult is going to be a very different one than it is right now and very very different from when we grew up. Like it or not, we’re becoming a more and more homogenized planet. It’s easy to see this happening in the U.S. You could be in the deserts of Arizona, the Mountains of Colorado, the plains of Nebraska, or the urbanized east coast. But 90% of what you see looks exactly the same. Green lawns of grass all cut to ½ an inch, houses built just a few years ago that all look the same and are the same shade of Taupe; Home Depot and Lowe’s to buy your home improvement stuff; Target and Walmart to buy everything else; TGI Fridays and Applebees for dinner. Seriously, it’s all becoming the same. And it’s spreading. I was on Crete last winter—pretty much as deep into the Mediterranean sea as you can go before you hit Africa. I was at a conference, looking for a really strong Greek Coffee (you know, the stuff that’s more grounds than liquid) to get me through an afternoon of very boring talks. Asked someone on the street where I could get a good coffee, and speaking very little English, he pointed me to the Starbucks across the street. Ugh.
We’re simultaneously becoming a more diverse international community—More types of people, more types of food, more types of culture and language in any one place—and a less diverse one—Starbucks and MacDonald’s on every corner, English being taught to kids in grammar school in most countries across the world. It might be argued that the increased connectivity in our society has on occasion caused increasing conflict. And one of the unintentional consequences of increasing the connectivity among cultures and languages and such is that some of those are lost as we move towards a homogenous global society (some languages and dialects are going extinct just like animals and plants do). However, I am hopeful that the increased internationalization of our society will ultimately decrease conflict. Humans are innately tribal. We support individuals that are part of our tribe, and sometimes fight with individuals that are parts of other tribes. As the global community becomes more and more interconnected, perhaps the differences that we see amongst one another will no longer seem like differences. If we’re exposed to those differences from early childhood, we can all become part of the same global tribe.
The children of today, our little Jack, Tired Mummy’s little Elizabeth and Alison, and all the other little kids out there are going to have to navigate this world in a way that we have never had to navigate it before. We want Jack to be exposed to diverse languages; we want him to be exposed to diverse foods; we want him to be exposed to diverse cultures and people. We believe that exposure at an early age will enable him to be a better global citizen in a world which will undoubtedly be a very different place than what it is today. And, maybe someday when we’re all at Dim Sum on a Sunday morning, he can speak Chinese to the servers, and we’ll finally get them to serve us that fried turtle—just to see if we like it.
Jack’s Dad (with a little help from Jack)

P.S., if you like what I have to say, we’d love to have you come over and visit us on our blog on occasion. We’re always looking for more followers! And, please tell your friends/followers!
Twitter: @Jacks_Dad88